Autocomplete 3D Sculpting, SIGGRAPH 2018


Digital sculpting is a popular means to create 3D models but remains a challenging task. We propose a 3D sculpting system that assists users, especially novices, in freely creating models with reduced input labor and enhanced output quality. With an interactive sculpting interface, our system silently records and analyzes users' workflows including brush strokes and camera movements, and predicts what they might do in the future. Users can accept, partially accept, or ignore the suggestions and thus retain full control and individual style. They can also explicitly select and clone past workflows over output model regions. Our key idea is to consider how a model is authored via dynamic workflows in addition to what is shaped in static geometry. This allows our method for more accurate analysis of user intentions and more general synthesis of shape structures than prior workflow or geometry methods, such as large overlapping deformations. We evaluate our method via user feedbacks and authored models.

SIGGRAPH 2018, Vancouver, Canada